vpnium-a new free vpn service

Being in a country with internet restriction, I am always looking for free VPN service which works in China so that I can stream YouTube videos or update my facebook status. For this I have tried many options and currently in the mercy of unstable but generous free vpn service spotflux (which precisely might not be called a VPN anyway). Today I stumbled across another free vpn service called “vpnium” which I am going to discuss below.

The installation process for it was hassle free and i installed by just following the setup instructions. The options in its interface are clear and not much knowledge seems to be needed for making the connection.Changing the connection type to UDP or TCP is also easy but you will have to access that through settings. Overall the interface is minimal and less confusing.The connection limit, unlike other VPN services, is not limited to certain hours in a week or limited total free hours although you can connect to only two of its servers in the free package. The provision of the unlimited free hours with limited bandwidth I think is the biggest advantage with this service right now and might push its user base status significantly in the future.

Since the product is in beta stage it still has few problems. The free servers of course has speed limitation and is not suitable beyond doing the basic tasks. Once the server connection gets established, you can know that through the change in color of the little green dot at the top of the icon in tray but if you open its UI, you may not be able to tell which server you are currently connected to. But the biggest problem I faced was the connection stability. However, in china, there is already this problem of connection instability even when we are not using the VPN service. But if it is from the server side it is something that can seriously pull back the potential users.

The active boost which is the premium version of this service can only be accessed after putting the activation code which I am yet to do. So the quality and stability of the service as promised for the premium version can only be analysed after the activation of the service.

Overall I take this service as an welcoming point in the VPN service constellation for minimal UI and for providing unlimited free access although to limited servers.

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